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clearwater Interior Designs

EST. 1999


AIM is a diverse construction and renovation company that works on a wide portfolio of projects from housing to landscapes.

The business was founded on a number of traditional principles that have now been applied throughout hundreds of projects across the South of England. 

Since the turn of the century homeowners have either been looking to return their properties to their former glories or modernise their existing buildings to move with the times.  

AIM with its developed techniques passed down through the generations has turned the aspirations of thousands, both in the private and corporate sectors, into a reality. 

AIM has consolidated its practices into four key areas, often combining them across an array of different projects. They include: extensions, restorations, landscapes and its corporate work which principally focuses on new builds. 

The website will give its readers an overview of the work carried out by AIM as well as give ideas to new clients thinking of making changes to their land or estate.




about us