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by Andrew I. mckellar, Founder & managing diector

about us

“I love working with people. The first question I ask any new client is to visualise what they want and more importantly why they want it.

It’s often a question which goes unasked, but to me it’s arguably more important to understand the “why” before starting the job. This is so I can align AIM’s resources with the client from the beginning. 

I began working as a sole trader at 17 and have always looked to provide a high-quality job which enabled me to begin AIM. Since then, I have expanded the business and have completed hundreds of projects across London and the South of England.

I really hope having looked at the website you’ve been given some ideas about what kind of projects we’ve worked on and what kind of job we would do for you. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us soon and I look forward to coming to meet you”. 

Very best, 

Andrew I. mckellar, Founder & managing diector