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EST. 1999


Following the explosion of new builds in the second half of the 20th century, many homeowners and property developers turned their attention towards restoring period and traditional buildings back to their former glories whilst bring them into the comforts of modern day living. 

AIM’s use of local materials and knowledge of the traditional techniques that would have been used by tradesmen of since the turn of the first millennium has given the company a significant niche in a growing market. There are many indicators that property owners should look out for. Here are some common challenges:  

  • Prolonging of building fabric: One of the principal reasons a property goes into disrepair is because of damp. Properties built before 1930 didn’t consider the long term effect that damp caused. It can affect floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. AIM will first identify the source of the damp, eliminate it and renovate the affected areas.  
  • Modifications: people are, on average, nearly a foot taller compared to 100 years ago – many doors, windows and floors need to be modified and/ or replaced. As we move towards more efficient ways of heating and cooking, the need to remove fire places or knock down walls has become apparent. There are also health and safety regulations that now need to be taken into consideration. 
  • Modernisation: Many aspects of the property, seen and unseen, may need replacing as well to significantly modernise the building such as electricity, heating, plumbing and drainage. A contemporary aspect of home life, for example, is insulation that not only retains heat making it homely and nurturing but also saves a significant amount on energy bills. A practical, as well as financial, improvement. 

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